On this website, we offer you the opportunity to become a member in the Order of Minerva. The Order of Minerva consists of simple members and members of distinction. You can choose of which category you would rather be a part. There are no strings attached: as a member in the Order of Minerva, you don't have to attend any meetings unless you choose to do so and you will never be charged a membership fee or any other fee. This means that once you paid the initial fee of joining the Order, there will be no additional cost. As a member in the Order of Minerva, you are not a member of a religious group or sect. Instead, the Order is simply a group of people striving for knowledge.

The by-laws and additional information on the Order is available on their website at Of course, here on, we are primarily interested in the titles, which can be purchased. Because they are considered monastic names, you are certainly entitled to carry these titles. However, they are merely diplomatic titles such as Senator and Consul. For this reason, make sure you always add the phrase "Order of Minerva". As monastic names, these titles can also be included on your ID card though it is entirely up to the authorities to grant or deny this option. If you are interested, we can provide you with more information and advice on how your title will in all likelihood be included on your ID card.

What is the Oder of Minerva?

If you are in pursuit of happiness and peace, the Order of Minerva is the right place for you. Here everybody will find those desirable states: you will win peace and focus on the pleasant things in life. The Order of Minerva is a non-religious community of highly advanced individuals in search of wisdom and knowledge.

But before you decide to join the Order of Minerva, you should be aware of a few things to avoid misunderstandings down the road. The first thing you need to understand is that the Order of Minerva is not a religious group. So if you join the Order, don't expect any activities that you associate with church. The Order of Minerva forms a community consisting of individual members, whose goal is to live according to certain principles. The most significant principle of the order is to raise the level of education, because only those with comprehensive general knowledge are able to pass on the moral character, which is a top priority in the order, and can as a consequence live a fulfilled life. Additionally, it should be pointed out that the Order of Minerva has no negative attitudes towards the government, religion or moral behaviour and that no such negative attitudes are accepted among its members. For this reason, only individuals who have not committed any illegal acts can be accepted as members. This requirement is the top priority and no exceptions will be made.

If you would like to join as a knight, you have the option to add this title to your name. All knights must live according to the order's principles. If you choose to be a senator for the order, the same rules apply as with knights and you are also able to publicly carry the title with your name. Consuls additionally have the incredibly important opportunity to share the principles of the order with the outside world and accept new members. Furthermore, consuls can hold meetings and councils and, in doing so, spread the principles and rules of the Order.


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