If you would like to purchase an Irish nobility title for yourself or a loved one, you can choose from the following options: Lord or Lady of Kerry, Cork, Roscommon, or Strandhill. You will receive an official certificate confirming the co-ownership of the land as well as the right to the corresponding title (Lady / Lord of Strandhill, Cork or Roscommon). This certificate is of decorative nature and very ornate. Additionally, you will also receive detailed information on the people and culture as well as a detailed description of directions to the property. You can also add another person – such as your spouse – to the co-ownership and Irish nobility title. There is also the option of ordering business cards and stickers with your new nobility title.

Purchasing an Irish title of nobility Purchasing an Irish title of nobility is easy! Just like in Scotland, Irish nobility titles are tied to land. So by owning land, you can use the title of lord. In fact, the word "Tirana" means "lord" and is closely related to the words "landlord" and "landowner".

Contrary to common beliefs, the title of Lord is not awarded by kings or queens and then passed on to the next generation. Instead, this title is tied to a specific property and automatically bestowed on the new owner when the land is sold or inherited. Of course, this opens new opportunities for people like you and me, who were not born into noble families. All you need to do is purchase some land and you immediately become Lord or Lady Kerry, Roscommon, Strandhill or Cork.

Okay...perhaps it isn't quite that simple. In order to buy a plot of land in Ireland, you need the necessary funds and there are also a few formalities that should be kept in mind. Luckily, this will not affect you, if you choose to purchase your Irish nobility title from us: We already own land in various parts of Ireland that is tied to nobility titles and nobody can stop us from making you a co-owner. In this case, it is entirely irrelevant how large your share of the land is. So for just a little bit of money, you can be a co-owner and receive the title of Lord tied to the land. We also take care of the formalities and paperwork.

Of course, this nobility title is primarily about having fun. It is not a traditional nobility title as such. The title of Lord can be used as a name affix just like a stage name or alias but it does not become a legal part of your name as would be the case with an inherited title. There are also no privileges attached to the title because Ireland is a republic and nobility is not treated any differently than the average person. And this is exactly why the small difference between our nobility title and a real (inherited) nobility title does not really matter..

You can use your title on business cards, receive a crest that can be used in letter heads and simply feel a bit more special as a Lord or Lady of Roscommon, Strandhill, Kerry or Cork. So purchasing a nobility title from us is a truly enjoyable and amusing experience. And perhaps for your next holiday, you would even like to visit your plot of land.

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