Distinguish Yourself by Buying Your Own Nobility Title
Many people dream of joining a privileged group and receiving special treatment without realizing that there is a simple way to do it: buying nobility titles. If you want to bring honor to your name and enter an elite group that few people ever join, buying a title is the perfect choice.

How does buying a title work?
We sell English and Continental titles to people around the world. These titles last for life and can introduce you to a world of privilege. These titles also make a distinct, memorable gift for anyone, from a significant other to an esteemed colleague.

What Buying a Title Means for You
When you buy a nobility title, you own that title for the rest of your life. Our titles are non-inheritable, so the title you choose is truly yours alone. You can use your title in various contexts and on official documents, including:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Passports
  • Credit cards
  • Bank accounts

To establish your title, which is considered an “effective” title, we simply draw up an official deed. This legally creates the title and assigns it to you.

Limitations on New Titles
English and international law give individuals the right to call themselves whatever they wish to, either informally or through a legal name change. However, changing your name with the intention of committing fraud is not permitted.This means that several steps must be taken before you receive your nobility title. Research must be conducted to ensure that your title does not already exist as a title that was inherited by birthright or granted by a person’s government or monarch. This research ensures that people with existing titles do not have their rights violated or experience distress over their titles being duplicated.

Obtaining Your Own Title
Since some titles are already in use, there is a limit to the number of titles that can be granted. This is one reason that people interested in buying titles should work with reputable sellers who will take time to perform the necessary research. Research eliminates the risk of an inappropriate title being chosen and later taken away because someone else already holds it.

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