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As with everything in life, anybody interested can purchase a doctoral degree. However, please keep in mind that this title bears no significance in medicine or any other field. If you would like a doctoral degree in a professional field, you have to attend all classes required by law. In order to be allowed to carry an academic doctorate degree or doctoral title, you must fulfil the requirements for proper education consisting of primary school and secondary school. The appropriate school leaving examination is required before one can enrol at a university. Before you can carry a doctor title, you must attend all required classes, and write and defend your dissertation. Only if you received passing grades in all areas, will you actually receive a PhD and be permitted to carry a doctor title.

There are a number of websites on which you can supposedly purchase an academic doctoral degree. Keep in mind that this is an illegal act and therefore not possible anywhere in the world. Anybody who claims to be selling these prestigious titles, will not be able to give you what you want. Along the same lines, it is not possible to hire somebody to write the dissertation for you. Even paying a so-called PhD advisor (called "Promotionsberater" in Germany) is illegal. Laws were created to protect consumers from these impostors, because individuals with a doctoral degree are highly respected people in our society and wards trust titulars in every way. This is, above all, true for medical doctors and therefore, this trust must be particularly protected by law.

In addition to academic doctorates, there are also honorary doctorates. This title can be added to your name but is not tied to any particular profession. Honorary doctorates can only be awarded when the chosen candidate has achieved important scientific accomplishments in his or her field. Honorary degrees can also be awarded to candidates who have distinguished themselves in various areas or have donated large sums of money to many different projects.

In contrast to academic titles and degrees, which are awarded at universities, honorary degrees must be carried in such a way that they cannot be confused with academic titles.

Those who never attended university but learned a profession right after completing their secondary education, have the opportunity to acquire an occupational certificate. For this, MLDC Institute is a great option. The certificates will only be issued if there is proof for professional training and evidence indicating that the corresponding paperwork was obtained lawfully. For a small fee, you can obtain this certificate and add another bullet point to your résumé. Please note that this option does not constitute a recognised trade or profession but training in the private sense. This option includes several professional areas, in which knowledge can be attained through self-study. Additionally, continued education for which you don't receive a certificate can be honoured with the above mentioned occupational certificate.

If you would like to render outstanding services in church-related areas, you can do charity work or utilise other offers. A number of different titles can, for example, be acquired for a donation. This allows you to purchase the honorary titles Doctor h.c, Professor h.c and Professor h.c Doctor h.c. After purchasing these titles, they can be affixed to your name, you just have to ensure that the abbreviation "h.c." is always included to indicate that this is not an academic doctor title or degree.

Please note that the above mentioned titles will only be awarded to individuals who are willing to serve as role models for courage and dedication to fellow men in the Christian sense. The individual's behaviour must be in unison with the Christian faith. Showing responsibility towards other humans and offering help to those in need must be a top priority. Those receiving an honorary doctorate from MLDC are representatives of the church and must spread the word of Christ.

If you are interested in receiving an honorary doctorate, you can select your preferred area from the provided options. By accepting this title, you signal to your fellow humans that you are a spiritually strong person and would like to use this strength as a member of the MLDC. It is important that your behaviour is in accordance with the MLDC and that you follow its guidelines. Of course, the MLDC's top priority is equality, so all humans no matter their ethnicity, colour of skin or ethical beliefs are welcome! Furthermore, all human rights are honoured to ensure a peaceful world.

Please use the contact form if you have any questions. This way all interested parties can achieve their goals in terms of the MLDC and help guide their fellow man. This option is more meaningful and dignified than simply buying a doctoral title, which is, in fact, illegal. Only honest and conscientious people get ahead!