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Various nobility titles

Here you will find a wide selection of different titles including nobility titles and more.

In addition to German, Irish and Scottish titles of nobility, there are plenty of other equally impressive sounding titles of nobility. Here you will find different nobility titles and detailed information about each of them. For instance, did you ever think you could be an Atlantic Sealord? Or did you know that you can own land in the legendary Sherwood Forest? These titles as well as other new nobility titles, knight orders, diplomatic titles and many more are available on our website.

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  1. Atlantic Sealord Urkunde

    Atlantic Sealord

    €39.98 (Inkl. Ust.)

    As Atlantic Sealord you'll have one of the most unique nobility titles on the planet. The title comes with your very own bit of the deep sea. Learn More
  2. Pacific Sealord werden

    Lord of Pacific Ocean

    €39.98 (Inkl. Ust.)

    Lord of Pacific Ocean is the perfect nobility title for all sailors, divers, maritime enthusiasts and general adventurers. Learn More
  3. Lord of Sherwood Urkunden

    Lord of Sherwood

    €49.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    As Lord of Sherwood, you will be following in Robin Hood's footsteps. Don't miss out on this enjoyable nobility title! Learn More
  4. Adelstitel als Geschenkidee

    Gift set configuration

    €0.00 (Inkl. Ust.)

    This gift set allows you to create your very personal configuration for each nobility title. After selecting one of the nobility titles from the numerous categories, you will be able to choose the perfect configuration to accompany your gift.

    Learn More
  5. Rittertitel kaufen

    Knight in the Order of Minerva

    €49.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    Already back in the Middle Ages, "Knight" was a well-respected title. When thinking about knights during that time, most people think of noble warriors on horseback wearing heavy armour, carrying a sword, lance and shield with the knight's order displayed on it. Learn More
  6. Senator werden

    Senator of the Order of Minerva

    €99.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    Among other places, the senate served as the supreme council in the Holy Roman Empire and its members were referred to as senators. The senate's task was to advise the ruler but it is a well known fact that the senate was in actuality the main powerhouse in the Holy Roman Empire. We still have senators in Germany today such as the Senate of Hamburg. Learn More
  7. Konsul Titel kaufen

    Consul of the Order of Minerva

    €149.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    Follow the footsteps of famous orators and philosophers such as Cicero and Cesar by becoming a Consul of the Order of Minerva. Learn More

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