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German nobility titles

In this section, we offer you German nobility titles with no living ancestors. For this reason, these nobility titles have sentimental value and in addition to the gorgeous certificates, which have been modelled after medieval times, you also receive your own crest and full heraldry. The family history of every nobility title is provided in the corresponding category on the left. Choose the name that sounds most appealing to you. With every title, you will receive a digital crest that you may use without restrictions. You could, for example, incorporate your personal family crest into this crest or add other personal touches.

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  1. Graf von Falkenstein Wappen

    Graf von Falkenstein

    €79.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    This is a nobility title from the Middle Ages with heraldry – a truly exciting and knightly title. The name itself is reminiscent of castles high up in the mountains. For this reason, this name was in fact quite popular in the Middle Ages. The Falkensteiners we are referring to used to reside in Burg Falkenstein on Donnersberg mountain in Pfalz, Germany. Learn More
  2. Graf von Andechs Wappen

    Graf von Andechs

    €79.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    The Andechs noble family was one of the most influential dynasties in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. For some time, its territory reached from Upper Franconia all the way to Italy. Three medieval saints alone descended from this house. Learn More
  3. Pfalzgraf von Burgund Wappen

    Pfalzgraf von Burgund

    €79.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    The former county of Burgundy (French: Franche Comté) is located in the east of today's France on the Swiss border and should not be confused with today's Bourgogne. This county was a part of Francia since the 6th century. After the death of King Rudolph III in 1033, it became part of the Holy Roman empire. Learn More
  4. Herzog von Meranien Wappen

    Herzog von Meranien

    €69.90 (Inkl. Ust.)

    During the Middle Ages, the nobility title "Duke of Merania" was personally awarded by Frederick Barbarossa – and now it can be affixed to your name! Until this day, the origin of the name "Merania" is uncertain. It may mean something like "Land by the sea". Considering the fact that Adriatic regions where ruled all the way from Bavaria, this name certainly seems appropriate. Learn More
  5. Adelstitel als Geschenkidee

    Gift set configuration

    €0.00 (Inkl. Ust.)

    This gift set allows you to create your very personal configuration for each nobility title. After selecting one of the nobility titles from the numerous categories, you will be able to choose the perfect configuration to accompany your gift.

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Duke, count palatine or even count – these gift ideas allow you to acquire a German nobility title.

If you would like to purchase or carry a nobility title, we can help you reach that goal because we bought the rights to noble families without any living descendents. Since we own the rights to these names and titles, we can give you permission to use them. This is similar to people with a stage name or alias, which is also protected and cannot be used by others without permission. Luckily, you don't need to keep asking us for permission but can simply order a nobility title on this website.

The German nobility titles are considered name affixes to your real name and may be carried everywhere and in every form. "Real" nobility titles, however, can only be acquired through adoption or marriage. In addition to the title, you will receive an authentic certificate of appointment, the family history in beautiful form and your own digital crest in very high resolution.

What do I get with the German nobility title?

You will receive a certificate of appointment confirming your new title of Duke, Count or Count palatine. The certificate is modelled after the original medieval document and nearly identical in material and text. Your name will be incorporated and naturally your personal crest will also be included on the certificate. Furthermore, you will receive a digital copy of the crest in high resolution, which allows you to alter the crest in any way you would like.